Nuts and Bolts vs. DynoRaxx Fastener System

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Over the years, numerous technological advances have significantly improved the performance and longevity of solar arrays. Yet, while considerable attention was invested in the technology within solar panels and batteries, less attention was given to the fastening systems used to secure panels.

That is until DynoRaxx developed a solution that’s more efficient, durable, and easier to install than traditional nuts and bolts. Our solutions not only expedite installation time, we’ve significantly improved performance and durability.

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Understanding Nuts & Bolts

Bronze, brass, or stainless-steel bolts and nuts are commonly used to install solar panels. Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, these nuts and bolts provide a reliable solution for securing racks to buildings and free-standing towers.

While relatively inexpensive to purchase, drilling the holes, placing the bolt, tightening the nut, and moving on to the next fastening point takes time. Further, these are relatively low-strength and have lower resistance to fatigue which means their reliability wanes over time. This makes them less than ideal for high-stress applications, including exposure to high winds and long-term exposure to the elements.

DynoRaxx Fastener System

Customizing your business’s solutions to meet your clients’ needs is the key to success. The same is true with fasteners. While nuts and bolts are the standard for fasteners, the fact is that they’re not designed specifically for use in solar panel installations. They’ve been adapted to meet that need, and while effective, it’s far from efficient.

Conversely, our DynoRaxx Evolution fastener system is made specifically for solar panel installation. It’s designed to reduce the labor required to complete the installation, thus reducing the total installation cost. Most importantly, the expedited installation does not negatively impact safety, reliability, or durability.

Our fastener system is universal, and unlike nuts and bolts, it provides installers with considerable flexibility and leeway during installation.

How It Works

DynoRaxx is the only solar installation product producer that does not use nuts and bolts. Our top engineers have developed our innovative system specifically to reduce installation time. Further, our solar panel installation solutions eliminate unnecessary components, and require less labor to install.

And we’ve done it all while enhancing quality, durability, and load capacity. The result is a superior quality solution that allows your company to install more solar arrays in a shorter period of time with fewer people required to complete the task.

Plus, because of our durable design and high-grade materials, maintenance requirements are minimal, and the fastening system will provide long-lasting, durable performance under the most challenging conditions. This makes it suitable for use in every environment, from the coasts of California to the mountains of West Virginia.

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At DynoRaxx, our UL 467 and UL 2703 compliant systems will expedite installation time and enhance the durability of your company’s solar installations. Our precision-engineered systems create long-lasting results that will positively reflect on the services and satisfaction of your clients.

Since 2007, we have delivered a broad range of top-quality solutions to companies throughout the country, and it’s our pleasure to help you find solar solutions that will help you better serve your clients. Our solutions will reduce your operational costs, errors, and installation times.

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